The travel magazine "Aus Liebe zum Reisen" - up to 3.0 million customer contacts - now available as an online version.

Edeka Reisemagazin - Aus Liebe zum Reisen - Edeka Reisen      

The travel magazine "Aus Liebe zum Reisen" is now in its 13th year and started in 2007 as the Edeka Travel Magazine – "Aus Liebe zum Reisen" (For the Love of Travel). In cooperation with the Edeka regional companies Nord, Hessenring, and Nordbayern, several thousand branches distributed the print edition of the magazine to their customers each month. Due to numerous customer requests, environmental considerations (unused magazines contributing to environmental impact and ending up in paper recycling), and resource conservation, the magazine has been exclusively produced in an environmentally friendly online version since the end of 2018. Today, the eMagazine "Aus Liebe zum Reisen" is no longer produced regionally in cooperation with Edeka trading companies but is independently available nationwide for all customers. Interested readers now have access to the eMagazine at any time.

The eMagazine highlights trends, provides knowledgeable information, and presents travel offers from various reputable travel providers, service providers, tour operators, hotels, and other services related to vacation, travel, and leisure.

Particular emphasis is placed on product and travel quality through high-quality journeys. We have also prepared exciting and interesting travel topics for this year's editions.